Easy to learn.

Just watch the 3-minute-tutorial or follow these 3 easy steps – and you are good to go!

Fast results.

From a few minutes to about 1 hour – getting a lot of ideas with Skydeas is really fast.


Scientifically grounded.

While most creativity techniques rely on chance and random elements, Skydeas uses a systematic approach, just using the most productive 800 elementary operations.

Empirically tested.

30 scientists of the German Aerospace center gave a 100% recommendation after having solved complex problems with Skydeas.

Systematic and structured.

In an experiment with 800 participants, comparing creativity techniques, Skydeas came out first.
It produced more high-quality ideas than any other technique.

not random.

Complex problems require goal-oriented strategies. Skydeas has you covered.


We don’t know which problem you are trying to solve, but Skydeas is there to help you regardless of area.

of person.

It does not matter what your background is, you can use Skydeas!

You see, using Skydeas has many advantages!